Canine Partners Program

As one of it's programs, the I Am Magic Foundation certifies dogs and their people through an independent certifying organization called Love On A Leash (LOAL). Certified Therapy Dog/handler teams provide emotional healing for people of all ages suffering from depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, abuse, learning and mental challenges and so much more. 

Certification Process

The I Am Magic Foundation has 5 rescue dogs who are certified or in the process of being certified. Our certified dog trainer, Brianne Statz assists with training and administering the initial test called a control exam. It's similar to an obedience test but also tests the dog to see if it is suitable as a therapy dog. After passing the control exam, the dog and handler team must have 10 hours of supervised visits in therapy settings. We visit places like assisted living facilities, nursing homes, schools and other organizations who help people with depression, trauma, abuse, PTSD and other settings where emotional healing is the goal. After successful completion of the supervised visits, the dog and handler become certified. If the same dog is working with a different handler, the new person and dog must complete the same process to be certified. The foundation can also assist others who would like to be certified with their own dogs as a therapy team. Following certification, the dog and handler work at similar facilities but in a slightly more professional capacity as a therapy team. 

Become a Sponsor

The foundation provides therapy services free of charge as a service to the community. We depend on the generosity of sponsors and donors to help cover the costs associated with certification, transportation and basic care of the dogs. Handlers volunteer their time. Any donation is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible. You can be a sponsor for as little as $20 per month. Not only do sponsors get the satisfaction of knowing they are helping others in their community, they have opportunities to receive updates on their dog's therapy activities and interact with their sponsored dog. Larger levels of sponsorship have additional benefits. 


Our Therapy Dogs


Nikki is our first certified dog. She is certified with executive director, Marlene Cordes. Nikki trained in a variety of settings and will continue her work at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) working with trauma and abuse survivors. People like her calm demeanor and ability to read people's body language and emotions. 


Shiloh passed his control exam is is currently acquiring his supervised hours in therapy settings. With other dogs, Shiloh is the one who is a friend to dogs and people who feel insecure. He is the one they can feel safe with. He is very empathetic and affectionate. 


Harley is currently in training. Men especially seem to relate to him. He's a very powerful dog with the sweetest disposition. He loves attention!


Nook was surrendered twice before he found a home with the foundation. When he came, he had a high level of separation anxiety and was very destructive. He was nice and intelligent but didn't connect with people. With a lot of love, he no longer has separation anxiety and engages with people normally. He studies people's faces, asks for attention and wags his tail a lot, Behaviors he did not show when he first arrived. Nook has the longest attention span of all the dogs, especially if food is involved. 


Keesha was also surrendered twice before she found a home with the foundation. She is absolutely the sweetest girl with very tender emotions. She is full of kisses which some may or may not like. She's gaining confidence in new situations and with new people. She's always happy and likes to make others happy too.