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Here are a few horses available to sponsor.    

Kachina: Her Hopi name means “spirit” or “sacred dancer.”   She is a healer and always takes care of her people.
  Festus:  The little guy with a big heart and attitude.  He’s a charmer  but knows how to take care of himself with the big horses.
  Lucky: A Rocky Mountain Horse with a gait as smooth as glass. It’s  hard to tell what he loves more – people or treats.
Thunder: Easy going and laid back.  She loves treats and baths.  She’ll follow Lucky anywhere!
  Blue: Flashy blue eyes give him his name. Orphaned young, he makes special connections with special people.
  Dawn: Our warrior princess, she bears the scar of a mountain lion. She is the farm matriarch.


Jade:  Originally well trained but fearful of people. With lots of love she once again trusts people and is Dawn’s protector.
Sedona: Beauty and grace. So many love her.  She is a favorite in our events because of her patience and tolerance for people.
  Nita:  One of the most beautiful palominos ever, it’s taken her a long time to trust people.  
  Bailey: Not as flashy but what a heart.  He knows who is vulnerable and stands up for the underdog. 
  Cowboy:  The eye you see is no longer there.  Cowboy is different now but just as good inside.  Cowboy shows how “different” is OK.
  Snickers:  Her mom was not supposed to be pregnant and was a surprise. As a mule, she has benefits of horses and donkeys.
Opal:  A beautiful buckskin with doe eyes.  She requires special  understanding and really wants to please.  
  Ebony:  Slow, patient and intelligent, she is an excellent horse for beginners and those who need confidence.

Katana: Named for the Japanese sword for its strength. A half sister to Ebony, she lives up to her name.
Kandi:  She is as sweet as her name.  Like Bailey, she stands up for those who are more vulnerable.