Donate your Gifts and Talent

Our program depends entirely on the generosity of individuals, families and businesses.  As a registered 501(c)3, your gift is tax-deductible.  Your financial contributions and animal sponsorships help us carry out our mission by supporting cash costs related to our horses, companion animals and key people who give so much to the people they serve.  Your gifts of time, materials and talent give your a more hands on opportunity to participate and make a difference in the lives of others. 

1.  Donate directly or in memory of someone  

Donate by cash or check or donate with your major credit card through PayPal. Simply click on the Donate button at the top of this page.  We are notified of your donation and will send you a receipt. 

Levels of Giving

Financial contributions in any amount are always appreciated!

If you would like to commit on a more regular basis, consider these opportunities which also allow greater involvement with the horses and farm through sponsorship.  

Pony Pals $20-$60 per monthPony Pals $20-$60 per month

Barn Buddies $80-$120 per monthBarn Buddies $80-$120 per month

Farm Friends $120-$200 per monthFarm Friends $120-$200 per month

Pasture Partners Sponsorship and/or Donations of $2401-$4999 per calendar yearPasture Partners Sponsorship and/or Donations of $2401-$4999 per calendar year

Galloping Givers Sponsorship and/or Donations of $5000-$9999 per calendar yearGalloping Givers Sponsorship and/or Donations of $5000-$9999 per calendar year

Angel Investors Sponsorship and/or Donations of $10,000 or more in a calendar year.Angel Investors Sponsorship and/or Donations of $10,000 or more in a calendar year. 


2. Contribute a talent that can help us reduce our costs

In areas such as animal training, veterinary care, social media, grant writing, event planning, fund raising, farriers, graphic art, technical support or sponsoring an event through your business to name a few. We would also be interested in connecting with licensed counselors and developing a Equine Assisted Therapy program. 

3. Donate materials 

We are always in need of items such as construction materials, tools, animal care products, specific items used in our events. Do you have helmets, hard shoes or boots in children's and adult sizes?  If you have something you think may be useful, ask. 

Consider donating food for our barn cats and peacocks.  Our barn cats come from Dane County Friends of Ferals and Angels Wish. The farm is considered a sanctuary for them as they are not adoptable as pets.  We do not use poisons of any kind to control rodents or parasites. The cats and peacocks do that for us, and we give them a secure home. Cats of course eat mice.  Peacocks eat fly larvae and bugs including ticks that may carry Lyme Disease. They also desensitize horses to birds. While there is still an endless supply of flies, having natural predators contributes to the overall health of our farm ecosystem. 

4. Volunteer your time

Time is in many ways a most valuable commitment because you are giving of yourself and your time cannot be replaced.  None of our programs would be possible without the dedication and commitment of many talented people.  You could be one of them.  Volunteer to help on the farm.  Spring cleaning is always a massive endeavor.  If you have time during the weekdays in summer, volunteer to help with our fundraising events such as the Kids Camps, Haunted Forest or Halloween Monster Mash. If you are a sponsor, your volunteer work is another opportunity to interact with your sponsored animal and others on the farm. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, do something you love and know that you are  helping animals and people through your efforts. 

Although our volunteer opportunities are constantly changing, we generally need help in the following areas:

--Barn cleaning
--Cleaning tack and equipment
--Handy and light mechanical projects including fence repair, small engine or mechanical repair. 
--Pasture clean up picking up rocks, wood and trash from the pastures. 
--Mowing trails
--Building projects such as shelters, finishing interior areas of the barn and even toys for horses or bat houses.

* Right now, our greatest need is for fence repair. Some posts have rotted and need to have new posts or have posts reset. Fencing needs to be repaired and tightened. 

There is a lot of wood down in the pastures and woods that needs to be cut.  Some trees are dead in the woods and need to be cut down and cut up.  Most of it is Black Walnut and would be excellent for outdoor wood burning systems. Cut up the wood and take it for free!